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Online and in person counselling with Robert Birch

Inside our stories, buried beneath our conditioning and unmet expectations, a treasure house of needs, skills and strategies offer theselves to our imagination. Returning dignity to our lives and communities is at the heart and healing of transformational change. In the greater balance, our capacity to survive and serve must outweigh the traumas of our times. 


Counselor. Educator. Consultant.

Robert helps people help each other. Since 1988, his simple and effective approaches to personal and community wellbeing have helped many individuals, groups and organizations creatively adapt with dignity to new and often unsettling changes. 

Robert is committed to ethical and accessible care. He is available to help you, your organization and community take a renewed leap of faith in one another. Please feel free to contact him for an initial consultation.

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One-hour session  - offered online or in-person on Salt Spring Island.


Our stories matter.

They reveal not only our challenges, but our remarkable capacities to survive, serve and belong. The last few years have indelibly marked us. Reconnecting after profound disruption is difficult; doing so alone, impossible. Fears, doubt and despair, frustrations and anger, in tandem with our many attempts to seek relief have resulted in another global pandemic: isolation and loneliness.


None of us got into our problems by ourselves. None of us can get out of them by ourselves.


We need friends. Playmates. Responding to personal and collective challenges is determined by i) past conditioning and ii) immediate access to resources. Our health and wellbeing often require structural change beyond the individual’s capacities. People need people. 


Change induces vulnerability. Effective change requires designated spaces to practice negotiating safety and risk. When trust and curiosity then (re)emerge, an evolutionary resource is generated: community. Belonging to a community is one of life’s greatest strategies of adaptation. It is our best reassurance policy. While asking for help triggers inevitable and necessary vulnerabilities, being witnessed with unconditional positive regard by a trusted cohort revitalizes our place in the world. It reveals the patterns within which we operate and motivate us to make more effective choices.


Productive shifts within internal systems occur before we explore and refine new choices. Understanding the patterns within which we operate stimulates potential while attracting opportunities. When we willing adapt, we model and therefore give others permission to act. By virtue of our own character and courage, we inspire others to take health-inducing risks.

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