Australian podcast on Faerie Sex Magick

on Fierce FM !
do sex and magic come together?
feather or leather?

Radical Faeries sex magick workshop is happening in oz right now, and Robert Birch (Robin Hood) was queer-raised by those community activists reconfigured as Radical Faeries, and was recently mid-life-ing as a Ph.D. Candidate in the Social Dimensions of Health Program at the University of Victoria, B.C. with research exploring group sex parties, with a primary focus on men who lust for men. He’s been Gay Men’s Health coordinator for AIDS Vancouver Island, Victoria Queer Educator of the Year award winner, co-editor of Annals of Gay Sexuality and co-founder of Queerposium.

Affectionately known as Dr Orgy, He is in the rainbow region to bring together a circle of loving companions for the perception altering experience into subject subject consciousness that is.. Faerie Sex Magick Workshop.

We also open doors into marriage equality, outdoor performance spaces at midnight in gay beat parks, ecoerotic activism, and riding the imagination with a sense of playfulness <3
He even gives good advise to QFAG

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